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How to Be an Adult (book)

(Mercy House, 2013)

A Musician’s Guide to Navigating Your Twenties

How to Be an Adult is the missing owner’s manual for creative twentysomethings looking for help in navigating their post-college life. Written by a professional musican-turned author/life coach, this book reads like a portable older sister––the nice kind––and is full of wisdom as well as practical information. It will also make you laugh. A terrific gift for the graduate in your life, or for those who might be wandering off the beaten path. Buy a copy for your favorite grad, but keep one for yourself. Nerissa’s wisdom on life and spirituality is for any age, as she takes you on a journey through a life whose motto might be “do what you love, and with hard work and a good dose of flexible optimism, you can create a career that matches your wildest dreams.”