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Love and China

(Zoƫ, 2002)

  1. Ticket To My House
  2. Yesterday’s Girl
  3. Love Me One More Time
  4. Tailspin
  5. I Haven’t Got A Thing
  6. The Sweetness
  7. He Loves The Road
  8. Love And China
  9. Christmas Carol
  10. This Happens Again And Again
  11. All These Years
  12. Heading Home
  13. Eulogy For Emma
  14. New State Of Grace

Left to their own devices, the duo’s lilting sibling harmonies and Nerissa’s intelligent songwriting keep the sisters anchored in the familiar territory of searching folk-pop ballads and midlife laments such as “Yesterday’s Girl,” “The Sweetness,” “All These Years,” and the title tune. Yet they also slip into a delightful, Yankee-inflected country mode on cuts like the honky-tonkish “Love Me One More Time” and the twangy “He Loves the Road.”