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The Full Catastrophe

(Sackamusic, 2012)

  1. Ten Year Tin
  2. Back At The Fruit Tree
  3. The Creek’s Gonna Rise
  4. Good Times Are Here
  5. Which Side Are You On?
  6. Full Catastrophe
  7. Your House Is Strong
  8. Between Friends
  9. I Am Half My Mother’s Age
  10. Can I Love You Too Much
  11. More Than Enough
  12. I Choose This Era
  13. The Number One Reason That Parents Are Cranky

This CD is an offering to everyone who struggles to balance a home life -with or without kids or partner- with an artistic life, which is to say a work life. for all who labor honorably may choose to do so artistically. The older we get, the more precious both seem to us. I could certainly live without friends or family, but I am not sure I want to. I could let my work go, say goodbye to the muse and my Les Paul, but that would be saying goodbye to joy. We might be happier simplifying our lives, but as Katryna said when we first began this project with the title track, happiness might be overrated. Our cups overfloweth. We choose those cups, and we surrender to the reality that this means many many spills need to be cleaned up. Here’s to the mess. Thanks for joining us.