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posted May 24, 2019

Nerissa & Katryna’s Big Opinions

We just recorded our first podcast! It’s medium good. Neither of us knows how to edit in Garageband, nor do we know how to package it and get it to you! Help us, please! We have always wanted to launch a podcast. Listen below to this First Episode entitled ” Sneaker Deal,” and you can hear all our wit and wisdom and silliness. Hear us endorse Rent! the Musical, Brandi Carlile and more. Plus we sing “One Little Song.” and dish about the 2020 Democratic field. It’s under 20 minutes long. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what we can do better!

Katryna Endorses

Broadchurch – TV show on Netflix. As you know, I love good TV. I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell as far as tv goes. I was missing it! Then my mother in law told me about Broadchurch. I had watched season one a few years ago. It’s a police procedural, but it’s British. And it stars Olivia Colman- of Oscar, “I won? This is Hilarious!’ fame- and David Tennant- of Doctor Who fame. The acting is AMAZING, the landscape is extraordinary, the stories are hard, the characters are all flawed and lovable- my favorite combo. This is not a bright, cheery show, but it is SO well done and I highly recommend.

Music! I spend so much of my car time listening to books and podcasts that I had forgotten to listen to music. My friend Amy Dryansky told me about the Gillian Welch song One Little Song and I promptly made Nerissa learn it so we could sing it. What a perfect gem of a song! And I am currently into singing very softly and have been trying to get Nerissa to write some super subtle quiet songs to soothe me through the events of the world. SO this one fit that bill.

Then, my daughter Amelia, turned me on to the wonder that is Brandi Carlile’s The Mother. Oh, you guys! It is brilliance. I know I am suffering through the realization that my oldest is growing up and leaving our house, so maybe I have A LOT of feelings these days, but wow, if you want to FEEL something, listen to this song. Send me your favorites! I want to listen.

Nerissa Endorses

100 Foot Journey

Do you like a feel-good romantic comedy with tons of food porn and gorgeous visuals of rural France? With hilarity and excellent Oscar-level acting? Rent this. It’s a cross-cultural delight, and it will thoroughly distract you from any of today’s woes without making you feel sick from your escapism, the way Captain Marvel did. (Though I also loved Captain Marvel and endorse that, too!) Plus that awesome actor Om Puri. And Helen Mirren.

Rent! The musical.

I got to go see this with my daughter, my niece, my daughter’s friend and my uncle Brian. Though I loved much of it, at other points, I was totally lost. We were in the upper balcony, and I often had no idea what was going on. Or I wouldn’t have, if Amelia hadn’t been sitting next to me. She’d watched the movie version 8 times, so she was not lost. I came home and rented Rent! on Amazon, and now I love it too. I had not understood that Rent! is based on La Boheme. The musical numbers in the movie blew me away, and the story put me squarely back in the 90s. I am so grateful AIDS is no longer the death sentence it was when I was in my 20s. In both versions, the acting is superb. Now I want to go see the musical version again. Rent Rent!

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